Build Plus/ Awe Steel of Houston, Texas was created in 1985 by
Dwight Cooper who has been in construction and custom homes for
over 30 years.

Build Plus/ Awe Steel designs and builds custom residential and commercial
buildings using a  construction manager  to operate each project. The
construction manager provides the owner with a detailed system of cost control
and works directly with the subcontractors to provide ultimate cost savings.  It
is also the job of the construction manager to use his best efforts to perform
the project in an expeditious and economical manner consistent with the
owner's interest.   

Build Plus/ Awe Steel recommends steel framed homes, but we continue to &
enjoy a variety of  construction projects including, but not limited to:

Custom Steel Framed Homes
Custom Wood Framed  Homes
Metal Buildings
Custom Cabinetry
Add Ons
Commercial Buildings/Remodels
and much more...

We can provide you with floor-plan designs or you can work with us to create your own!You can visit
design page to learn more about the design process &  Please visit our about steel frame page to
learn about the
benefits of steel framing and the building process!!!
Our Construction Manager Provides:
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