Custom Build Your Steel Frame Home
Why Build With Steel?
  • Steel doesn't warp, crack, split, shrink, swell, shift, or bow. It remains
    one of the strongest most durable building materials today.
  • A Steel framed home can be built to withstand up to 155-200 m/hr
    winds providing increased protection from hurricanes and
  • Steel is non-combustible, so a steel frame won't contribute to the
    spread of a fire.
  • A Steel frame is 40% more energy efficient because the depth of the
    steel beams provide more room for insulation.  
  • Because a steel frame can withstand so many natural elements, it will
    reduce your cost on maintenance as well as insurance premiums.  
  • Building with steel is better for the environment.  A steel framed home
    can be made with steel from 6 recycled cars; while it takes an acre of
    full grown trees to build a 2,000 sq ft. house.    
How is a Steel Frame Home Built?
Steel framing bolted to concrete foundation
view of purlins
Heavy Gauge Steel Framing bolted
together then raised and bolted to
the foundation.  
Purlins attached to the frame with self
drilling fasteners.  
sidewall sheathing and studding attached to steel frame
exterior brick attached to steel frame
Interior and Exterior materials are
determined by the buyers preference.  
Any type of materials can be used.  
Sidewall 6" studding is installed and 1/2"
sheathing is attached.  
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I add to my home at a later date?
~ Of Course, with clear span, you can enlarge or
remodel your home easily and economically.  

  • What about Building restrictions?
~ Due to the flexibility with Build Plus/ Awe Steel, any
requirement can be accommodated.
  • Can I still hang
    a Picture?
~ Yes, very easily,
steel framed homes
are finished with
materials just like
any other home
according to the
owners preference.  
  • Will you customize a floor plan?
~ Build Plus/ Awe Steel is a custom
home building company, so every floor
plan is customized. We also Customize
offices, condominiums, and remodeling.  
  • What kind of building materials
    are used over the framing?
~ Virtually any kind of materials can
be used, from concrete siding,
plywood, or brick.  All materials
are bolted or screwed on, so you are
naturally creating a stronger home.  
Clear span view of steel framing
Build Plus/ Awe Steel Custom Homes are built with red iron steel which is
factory engineered to fit together precisely.  All components are ready to be
bolted together on site with high strength bolts and screws rather than nails
and staples.  In order to create non-load bearing walls, steel studs are then
set in place.  
  • Do Steel framed homes look
    different than other homes?
~ Only if you want them to! Many of the
finishing materials of a steel frame home
are the same as a traditional wood
framed home.
  • Will there be television
    and radio interference?
~ No, Build Plus/ Awe Steel
homes do not cause any TV
or radio interference.
The Build PLUS Features Of An
AWE Steel Frame Home!
  • Will the steel rust?
~ No, you can choose between different
coatings which will protect the steel from
outside elements.
  • What about
~ Your Build Plus/
Awe Steel home is
grounded, so it has
more protection
than a wood frame
worker with red iron steel
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About Steel Framing
A custom steel frame home
offers the most design
flexibility.  With steel, the
square footage is unlimited.  
There is possibility for a wide
range of designs.  The frame of
Build Plus/ Awe Steel home
fully supports the structure
no need for interior
load- bearing walls
.  You can
add as few or as many walls as
you like.  You can create very
spacious rooms without any
interior support structures and
can be up to 30 ft. wide or
larger.  A wood framed home
doesn't offer that kind of
There are thousands of steel framed
homes, but you would never know
because they can be built to look
like any traditional home. With
Build Plus, you can make your steel
frame look any way you want
because we will take
you through
the process from design to
Front Porch with Wood and Stone (complete exterior remodel)
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