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About Steel Framing
Front Porch with Wood and Stone (complete exterior remodel)
Design is one of the most exciting, important, & time consuming aspects of creating
custom build. Build Plus/ Awe Steel is truly custom, so we take an idea from
you & turn it into a drawing, design, & floor plan. Your design work is done in house
by the owner of
Build Plus/ Awe Steel & here's how it works:

  • Preliminary meeting to talk about ideas, structure, floor-plan, amount of space
    and the overall type of project your looking for.

  • Mr Cooper will begin a preliminary design using auto cad to draw your project
    from scratch.

  • Pricing is based on each individual design.

  • Over the course of a few weeks there will be several e-mails & meetings to
    ensure your drawing is just the way you want it.

  • Once a drawing is complete an invoice will be sent for design work alone.
    Design work does not include an engineering stamp, architect, or city approval.
    - this happens after approval from the owner to continue with the project.  

  • After approval from the owner, we will take your drawing to be stamped &
    approved by the city/county and we can begin your custom build!

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